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The start of something new is the hardest phase in anything we do. With this newsletter, I hope to make it easier to get started.
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Providing a catalyst.

Every week I’ll share key insights from a conversation I had learned a lot from in a series called, Providing a Catalyst.

This week's conversation features a friend of mine who graduated Rutgers a semester early, interned at Goldman Sachs during the summer of his junior year, and is currently working as a software engineer at a leading blockchain startup.

What were my key takeaways from our conversation?

Lesson 1: Don't be afraid of being a beginner, everyone is a novice at something.
Lesson 2: Aim to not only have depth in what you do but also learn to have breadth.
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Lighting a match

I hope these articles inspire you to do something or learn something new.

One Order of Operations for Starting a Startup: This guide can help you walk the path from nothing to a launched minimal viable product (MVP). This is by no means the only path to an MVP and I don’t know if it’s the best path, but it is a path that I’ve seen work for a number of YC companies.
- Micheal Siebel, CEO of YC (ex. co-founded

Networking for Founders: This is one of the most comprehensive networking guides I've found: Asking “Why is networking important in business?” is like asking “Why are relationships important in business?” Networking is simply the initial stage in your relationship with others.
- Stephanie Hurlburt, co-founded Binomial

Remote Control: A new life-saving robotic system takes inspiration from arcade games. Auris Health is unveiling Monarch Platform: an FDA-approved device that has the potential to transform endoscopy — the use of small cameras and tools to enter the body non-invasively.
- Lux Capital

Growth Without Goals: An excerpt from Jiddu Krishnamurthi featured in the article: "Man lives by time. Inventing the future has been his favorite game of escape. We think that changes in ourselves can come about in time, that order in ourselves can be built up little by little, added to day by day. But time doesn’t bring order or peace, so we must stop thinking in terms of gradualness. This means that there is no tomorrow for us to be peaceful in. We have to be orderly on the instant. "
- Patrick O’Shaughnessy, CEO of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management

Bitwise Research Report: The Case for Diversification in Crypto Investing:
The report looks at the performance of the 10 largest cryptoassets over the past year. It shows that there are massively different patterns of return among those assets: the spread of performance within the top 10 cryptoassets is large, not everything moves in the same direction, no single asset is a consistent top performer.
- Matt Hougan, head of research at Bitwise Asset Management

Catching on

Job Opportunities:

In this section, I'll feature job or internship opportunities that may benefit you!

Basic Outfitters is recruiting:
The ideal candidate is a self-starter, exacting, organized and enjoys working within a small team.

eCommerce Data Analytics and Insights Analyst:
The eCommerce Data Analytics and Insights Analyst will be responsible for working with the eCommerce & production team to mine and analyze data to understand channel dynamics and customer behavior, improve online marketing efforts, and optimize merchandising strategy for key online retailers.

Product & Merchandising Associate:
Associates will be involved in the support of BasicOutfitters.Com marketing, photography, merchandising, and analytical needs. Associates will report directly to the Creative Director.

If you'd like to learn more, get in touch with me!

My Updates:

- For those who may not know, I'm currently working at a B2B SAAS startup out of NYC: we make it painless to prospect and conduct outreach for sales teams in organizations.
- I've recently realized I'm spending a lot of time on my phone mindlessly scrolling through feeds. I'm taking a few steps to enjoy the simple pleasures of life: Read more about it here.

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- Abhi Vyas

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